What I Spend in A Week in Orange County, CA

Sarah McMahon
4 min readApr 11, 2022

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Every few months, I spend a week tracking my spending to see how I might better spend or save my money. This time, I thought I’d share.

The following monthly expenses are predictable (not like gas or groceries, which may fluctuate quite a bit). My utilities are a flat fee every month. I share internet, which makes it relatively cheap. I often pay extra on my car each month, and my insurance has actually decreased in the past year. Rent has gone up, which feels a bit insulting given my meager square footage and century old plumbing. I divert money into my 401K, but I didn’t include that here as an expense since I never see the money. I also use Acorns to round-up my debit card charges-it’s an easy way to save without realizing you’re saving.

Rent: $1,615

Utilities: $45

Internet: $20

Car Payment: $208

Car/Rent Insurance: $104

Savings: $250

Investment Account: $150

Audible: $15

Gym/Trainer: $165

Netflix: $10

Spotify: $10

Total: $2,592

Per week cost: $648


Grande Soy Latte: $4.65

Target: $66.03

Trader Joes: $62.77

Bridesmaid’s Dress for my brother’s wedding in July: $108.44

I also bought some shoes for my mom ($80) but she pays me back so that’s a wash.

I am not a person who loves to shop, so the only reason today’s Target run was bearable was the soy latte. I needed command strips, a lint roller, paper towels, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, and tampons. The glory of womanhood. I stopped by Trader Joe’s in a half-hearted effort to fill my mini fridge. I usually go to the grocery store once or twice a week, depending on my schedule and if I’m home a lot. I have a mini fridge and limited cupboard space, so I can’t buy too much food at once.

Daily Spend: $241.89

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