A Love Poem

Sarah McMahon
2 min readMay 21, 2024

This is the fifth poem in my recently released book Dirt Girl. You can find the entire collection on Amazon here, or find the audiobook on Chirp here.

you remind me of the morning after a snowstorm

when the sun finally breaks

and the earth is buried beneath a blanket of miracles

they say no two snowflakes are the same

but I’ve got a cynical streak

that cannot believe so much uniqueness exists

you say each water molecule is different

and I wonder why I ever fell in love with a man so stubborn

someone who sees beauty in everything

the tree branches sag with the weight of heartache

this moment is perfect

there’s a chickadee sitting on the bird feeder

singing so loud its heart might implode

the holly bushes are like new blood against snow

and the sky is so low I could reach out and touch it

write our names in the clouds with a broomstick

the neighbor kids are mad with excitement

and the news anchor drones about ice on the roads