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If you’re not on Redditt, you’re missing out on nearly 2.2 million sub-reddits, 130,000 active communities, and a whole lot of free, fun, halfway useful content. Reddit is described by Tim Squirrell as such: “If Facebook is people you know sharing things you don’t care about, Reddit is things you care about shared by people you don’t know.” Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a Reddit community for it. Reddit is easy to use and gives users more control over the content than arguably any other platform.

So when a reader asked…

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Denny’s: Always Open, Never Worth It.

Below you will find a list of typical Denny’s customers. This is not comprehensive.

1. Sad, tired dental hygienists who don’t want to go home to their 18 children, so sit in a sticky red booth until midnight, nursing a cup of coffee and ordering a single pancake.

2. Truckers, both men and women, who consider themselves part of the “in” crowd once they successful consume a Lumber Jack Slam and 2 cream cheese waffles without projectile vomiting all over the waiters’ Reeboks.

3. Poor…

[My next writing project is a book about my childhood, running, and stepping into and out of an eating disorder. What follows is a short excerpt. More to come ❤. Listen to an audio version of this blog here.]

The story of my eating disorder is not especially unique. I began “dieting” when I was young — the earliest I can remember engaging in disordered behaviors is around age 10. …

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Well, sure mansplaining is real. But, if we take a look at the definition “Mansplaining is what occurs when a man talks condescendingly to someone (especially a woman) about something he has incomplete knowledge of, with the mistaken assumption that he knows more about it than the person he’s talking to does.”

Although women certainly can interrupt and speak over men and other women in ways that are inappropriate or rude, “mansplaining” is a uniquely gendered issue, sprouting from a culture that implicitly values men’s voices over women’s. Bitch Magazine published…

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Last March when quarantine put a screeching halt to normalcy and toilet paper was nowhere to be found, I was months into a relationship with a man 13 years my senior. He lived far enough away to make seeing him a hassle, and less than a month into quarantine, we went our separate ways. Not because I didn’t love him but because he was emotionally dead. It is exhausting to try to be close to someone allergic to closeness. After our anticlimactic dissolution, I decided not to fuck with dating for…

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I once went on a date with a man who told me feminism is toxic. Sure, I said. Anything can be toxic if taken too far. No, he said. Feminism is doing women a disservice because women “nowadays” have it “relatively good” and didn’t I know that in a lot of countries women have it much worse? Because I am not a patient person, I didn’t see him ever again.

Feminism is so many things and very few of them are bad. Feminism is equitable pay is being heard is being…

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It’s been a long day and normally, on long days, I’d do that thing we all do when we’ve had a long day: open a bottle of wine. We like to pretend that wine will make us happy or less tired or special or funny or however you feel when you drink a glass (or bottle) of wine. Drinking wine (or anything else for that matter) doesn’t especially make a long, tiring day less long or less tiring. In fact, alcohol makes us more tired, but who’s throwing stones at glass…

Hmmm lots to digest here. To point out the very obvious, nonprofits are built by people and some people aren't "good." I've worked in the nonprofit sector my entire career and this article was entirely unsurprising if a bit inflated. One thing that is helping nonprofits behave more equitably are funders themselves. Many funders now require a demographic breakdown of not only clients served but staff/board as well. If nonprofits can continue to raise money without changing they will, unfortunately, continue to do so. If money is taken away, they will likely adjust or go under. Good for you for not accepting the status quo.

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This is not an exhaustive list.

1. Birds. They are scary and gross.

2. When someone says “we should figure that out,” by which they mean, “you should figure that out.” This frequently happens in the workplace, as in, “We should put together a proposal for the important people that highlights these very boring key points and maybe add a PowerPoint slide with relevant facts and figures and graphs, maybe a photo and a short but succinct and touching client testimonial, yeah? Let’s get on that.”

3. Erroneously comparing two very…

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Not because she’s a bad person, but because she’s a terrible dentist.

I started seeing her about three years ago, when I moved to a new city in a new state, got a big girl job, and finally had good insurance. I hadn’t seen a dentist in over a year, my ex-fiancé, meanwhile, refused to see a dentist ever. …

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